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I provide a full range of freelance editorial services for all stages of the writing process. Want to make sure your writing is organized, compelling, and grammatically flawless before sharing it with readers? You've come to the right place.

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The big picture edit.

Developmental editing deals with overarching issues like organization, argument, and transitions (nonfiction) and plot, tone, characterization, and pacing (fiction). Developmental editing is right for you if you want an overall assessment of what you have done/planned out so far. 


Line Editing/


The language edit.

Line editing improves your prose, making sure your language is smooth and concise, flows naturally, and is written in an appropriate tone for your audience/genre. Line editing is right for you if you're secure in the overarching structure of your piece and want to make sure it's as engaging as possible.



The grammar edit.

Proofreading ensures that your mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting) are flawless. A proofread does not address content or style issues; it is intended as the final edit before a piece is published or submitted.


Technical Editing

For highly specialized content that requires an experienced editorial eye.

Technical editing is for scientific, medical, and technical documents such as articles, blog posts, and documentation. Topics I've worked on have included DevOps, NoSQL databases, auto logging, and information security protocols.




"How's this going so far?"

A manuscript critique is for when you've finished a detailed outline or a rough draft and want to make sure you're on the right track before you get too much further. It can be a useful first step in determining whether further editing is needed.



Clever content that draws readers in.

You need to explain something complicated in simple language; to tell stories that touch people's hearts; to make those conversions and bolster your brand. You need copy (for your website, blog, newsletters, and marketing collateral) that rings true to who you are and keeps your customers coming back for more.





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What People Are Saying

"Katherine did a fantastic job editing my children's book. She understood exactly what I was trying to achieve and gave incredibly helpful suggestions which have really improved the book. She is professional and highly competent and also a really lovely person to deal with. She is very quick to reply to messages and managed to deliver my project over a week before the agreed end date. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a really great editor.

— Bryony Mathews, British Diplomat and Children's Book Author

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If you decide to work with me, I'll send you a contract to sign before we officially get started that outlines deliverables, due dates, and costs. Let me know if you're looking for an extra-fast turnaround; we can work something out.

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