Whether cozy or cavernous, a home is more than just where we rest our heads: It is where we build our lives.

Once Upon a Home [California Real Estate]

We tend to make career choices in anticipation of big but infrequent moments while ignoring the day-to-day realities of the job that actually determine how happy we are.

Rethinking the Way We Choose Our Careers [WBUR]

As bitter winter winds begin to sweep across the lands of Neuterran, three of the Ruling Lords of the Four Kingdoms receive letters with word of the King’s Death.

The Siren's Last Song [By Jordan Heikkinen]

The Boomer Rebellion shines a defiant, yet creative spotlight on the injustice of ageism and the casting of Boomers as now irrelevant in society.

Sorry Millennials We're Not Dead Yet. The Boomer Rebellion

Mike Deasy and George Penner of deasy penner podley talk design, chemistry and why storytelling matters in real estate.

The Lead [California Real Estate]

Barbara Betts, CEO of Betts Realty Group, can help you get those hours back.

You're Wasting Over 20 Hours a Week [California Real Estate]

A children's book that shows girls can be anything, from neurosurgeon to intelligence analyst, oceanographer to aerospace engineer.

Blue Broccoli and Nanobots [by Bryony Matthew]

Jeanne Radsick built her career on showing up. Now she's asking REALTORS® to do the same.

The School of Radsick [California Real Estate]

Shawn Kunkler credits his success largely to one practice: creating a daily to-do list, drawing a big green dollar sign next to the tasks that could bring in revenue, and completing those tasks before moving on to anything else. 

How I Increased Production by 186 Percent in One Year [Boost Your Biz]

Heading into 2020, 16 of real estate's most influential leaders share their predictions for the decade ahead. 

Where Are We Headed? [California Real Estate]

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