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Writing: Feature

Once Upon a Home [California Real Estate]

Whether cozy or cavernous, a home is more than just where we rest our heads: It is where we build our lives.

Writing: Business

Rethinking the Way We Choose Our Careers [WBUR]

We tend to make career choices in anticipation of big but infrequent moments while ignoring the day-to-day realities of the job that actually determine how happy we are.

siren's last song.jpg
Editing: Fiction Book

The Siren's Last Song [By Jordan Heikkinen]

As bitter winter winds begin to sweep across the lands of Neuterran, three of the Ruling Lords of the Four Kingdoms receive letters with word of the King’s Death.

Editing: Nonfiction Book

Sorry Millennials We're Not Dead Yet. The Boomer Rebellion

The Boomer Rebellion shines a defiant, yet creative spotlight on the injustice of ageism and the casting of Boomers as now irrelevant in society.

Writing: Interview

The Lead [California Real Estate]

Mike Deasy and George Penner of deasy penner podley talk design, chemistry and why storytelling matters in real estate.

Writing: Business

You're Wasting Over 20 Hours a Week [California Real Estate]

Barbara Betts, CEO of Betts Realty Group, can help you get those hours back.

blue broccoli.jpg
Editing: Children's Book

Blue Broccoli and Nanobots [by Bryony Matthew]

A children's book that shows girls can be anything, from neurosurgeon to intelligence analyst, oceanographer to aerospace engineer.

Writing: Profile

The School of Radsick [California Real Estate]

Jeanne Radsick built her career on showing up. Now she's asking REALTORS® to do the same.

Writing: Business

How I Increased Production by 186 Percent in One Year [Boost Your Biz]

Shawn Kunkler credits his success largely to one practice: creating a daily to-do list, drawing a big green dollar sign next to the tasks that could bring in revenue, and completing those tasks before moving on to anything else. 

Editing: Feature

Where Are We Headed? [California Real Estate]

Heading into 2020, 16 of real estate's most influential leaders share their predictions for the decade ahead. 

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