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My rates for 2018 are set in accordance with the Editorial Freelancer's Association's suggestions. I charge by word/page, not by the hour. Why? Because charging by the word or page lets me give you an exact quote right from the get go so that you can budget accordingly.

I offer discounts for independent authors planning on self-publishing. Get in touch for more details!

If you have any questions about these rates or services not listed here, shoot me an email at hello@katherinemechling.com.

Developmental Editing

Focuses on organization, argument, and transitions (nonfiction) and plot, tone, characterization, and pacing (fiction). Includes a light copyedit and proofread, as well as a style guide and a 3+ page editor's note detailing 

Price Per Word: $.035  

Copy/Line Editing

Focuses on language, flow, word choice, tone, and readability.​ Includes proofreading and an editor-created style guide.

Price Per Word: $.020 


Focuses solely on correcting grammar and usage errors. 

Price Per Word: $.012 

Technical Editing

Working with specialized technical, scientific, and medical documents. Focuses on correcting errors, improving structure and readability, and reinforcing standards.

Price Per Word: $.04  

Manuscript Critique

A full read-through of your manuscript accompanied by a minimum 3-page letter detailing its strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions for improvement. Your manuscript does not have to be complete to benefit from a critique.

Price Per Word: $.005  


For web copy, marketing collateral, newsletters, blog posts, and more.

Pricing starts at $.25 per word, depending on the nature of the work required. A 1,000 word blog post or article starts at $250.